What is ALIVE?

ALIVE is a movement of Seventh-day Adventist students and young professionals living in view of eternity. ALIVE combines authentic biblical spirituality, a philosophy of excellence and a methodology of simplicity to inspire, train and mobilize Seventh-day Adventist young adults for effective involvement in evangelism, directly impacting the African continent. ALIVE is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



To develop support a Bible-based revival movement across the continent of Africa in which every Seventh-day Adventist student and young professional is a missionary



To prepare Africa for the imminent return of Jesus Christ



  1. To challenge African Seventh-day Adventist young adults to live a lifestyle of authentic biblical excellence
  2. Provide spiritual support to all affiliate missions each year by prayer and uplifting spiritual correspondence.
  3. Provide at least one (1) ALIVE missionary to any affiliate mission where a need for direction, training, and Biblical leadership is identified.
  4. To instill a missionary volunteer spirit in every African Seventh-day Adventist young adults.
  5. At every conference and event where ALIVE is represented, make an appeal to all young people to serve in the mission field God has placed them in.
  6. Every ALIVE event and affiliate mission trip will have at least one (1) season of evangelistic work and service where attendees and other young people may experience outreach and laboring for the Lord.


  1. To mobilize and support young adult missionary movements across Africa
  2. a) Send a minimum of one hundred (100) Bibles to a selected ALIVE affiliate each year.
  3. b) Provide one hundred percent (100%) support for one mission to one selected ALIVE affiliate each year.
  4. c) Provide evangelistic literature to at least seventy-five percent (75%) of ALIVE affiliates in need.


  1. To create a meaningful impact in neglected areas across Africa
  2. a) Every affiliate will reach one (1) neglected population or region of their country each year in order to receive ALIVE sponsorship and support.


  1. To change the continent of Africa by ushering in the imminent return of Jesus.
  2. a) Establish one (1) or two (2) ALIVE affiliate ministries on the continent of Africa each year.
  3. b) Through ALIVE affiliates, aim to baptize a minimum of five thousand (5000) individuals each year.


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