ALIVE hosts young adult training conferences in different African countries with the purpose of furthering the objectives of the evangelism department. ALIVE conferences are planned by local ALIVE chapters with the support and guidance of the ALIVE Evangelism committee.

Each ALIVE conference has the following goals:

  • To network local Seventh-day Adventist students and young professionals
  • To challenge Seventh-day Adventist young people to spiritual, social and academic or professional excellence
  • To inspire and train local Seventh-day Adventist young adults for effective involvement in evangelism in every line of duty

Conference Sessions

To fulfil the afore-mentioned goals, ALIVE conferences combine inspiring and biblically sound sermons with intense training seminars and evangelism practicums to inspire and effectively train ALIVE members and attendees. Listed below are some examples of sessions held during ALIVE conferences and a brief description of each.

Personal Spirituality Seminars offer a study on the essentials of practical Christianity, making use of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. These give attendees the tools they need to live victorious and consistent Christian lives.

Morning and Evening Devotions set the spiritual tone for each day of an ALIVE conference. They are biblical sermons given by the main speaker(s) and centered around the chosen theme for the conference. They also appeal for decisions from the attendees and allow the conference to remain focussed and inspiring.

Classes and Seminars offer intense, biblical training on selected topics relevant to the chosen theme. These sessions offer practical training and knowledge on how to study the Bible, personal evangelism, worship, music, godly relationships, Christian leadership, and many others.

Field School is a practicum that engages the attendees in active learning of the distinctive doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Participants are exhorted to learn thoroughly and be able to defend as well as share these doctrines in a biblically faithful manner.

Evangelism Practicums give the conference attendees an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and practice that they have been learning. Attendees engage in group and personal evangelistic activities in surrounding communities.

By the end of each ALIVE conference, young people leave challenged, inspired and well equipped to live a life that is mission-focused, Christ-centered and excellent in all spheres.